The "Verified Gross Mass" (VGM) is the gross verified mass of a container and corresponds to the net weight of the goods, its packaging and eventual resizing, added to the calibration of the container.
Since 1 July 2016, a SOLAS amendment has been in force which makes it mandatory to check the weight of gross mass (the VGM) as a requirement for the acceptance of the container at boarding. The aim is proper stowage and stacking to prevent the collapse of stacks of containers or falls into the sea or to prevent accidents resulting from the incorrect distribution of weights on board.
Following a number of accidents involving vessels carrying containers due to the lack of a certain amount of data on the weight of containers, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), which met in session 94 of the Maritime Organisation International (IMO) adopted the MSC Resolution. It is also important to note that the Commission's actions are not in line with the Commission's actions.