About us: AIDA Srl

Historical notes: where we come from…

The profession of international freight forwarder was born in the midst of the post-war economic boom; the sea and air carriers, also subject to strong development and innovation, were not able to give support to the market on the territory at the same time as the “point-to-point” transport activity.

The figure of the freight forwarder is part of this context and AIDA, founded in 1965 with a different name and shareholding structure, has had its roots in the need to serve customers who were facing foreign markets with great success.

The aircraft, initially propeller and war-derived, began to take on characteristics suitable for passenger and cargo transport that forced them to associate to give themselves rules. Since 1945 they have been grouped under the IATA, International Air Transport Association. AIDA was appointed “IATA Appointed Agent” in 1967.

At the beginning of the 80s, the company was sold to the current owner, maintaining solid roots in its history and has continued the “service oriented” tradition that have consolidated its reputation on the market as an expert in the shipping sector of typical Italian products such as high fashion and accessories, machinery and industrial, food, chemical and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to new technologies connected to new work processes and innovative ideas, society has duly entered the new millennium while maintaining a solid anchor to traditional processes; since the 90s new offices have been opened in Milan and at the port of Gioia Tauro.

Today the company has a new structure, new energies, young professionals, and is able to cover the entire Italian territory from north to south. Aida is one of the very few Italian shipping organizations still independently owned, with import and export services, consolidated maritime and air shipments to and from North America, Latin America, Middle and Far East, Australia and South Africa. Moreover, there are road connections with most of the countries of Northern Europe and integrated logistics centers to support E-Commerce.

The future: where we are going

Today, Aida represents a combination of tradition and innovation: with strong young legs and enthusiastic heart together with the great wealth of experience, we move towards the future with self awareness and and creativity

Our history briefly

  • 1965: foundation
  • 1967: IATA nomination
  • 1982: Change of ownership with purchase by the Rizzitelli family
  • 1995: opening of the Milan office, in the heart of the goods area in Segrate
  • 1998: opening of the office at the Port of Gioia Tauro, in the south of Italy in support of the new maritime operations
  • 2003: ISO 9000
  • 2012: opening of a logistics unit near the Macrolotto of Prato to support the wholesale clothing market
  • 2020: first steps in E-Commerce, FBA & FBM
  • 2022: opening of new territorial stores

In the 21st century AIDA is a solid reality that thanks to its experience projects itself into the future with innovation & creativity, without diverting attention from the real heritage: the customer


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Rome offices

Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, 100
Commercity, Is. N28 – 00148, Rome
Phone: (+39)
E-mail: roma@aidaglobal.it


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Milan Offices

Via Nuova Rivoltana, 35
Linate Business Park – 20096 Pioltello
Phone: (+39)
E-mail: milano@aidaglobal.it

Gioia Tauro

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Gioia Tauro Offices

To get in touch with the Gioia Tauro office, simply write an e-mail to the following address: gioiatauro@aidaglobal.it


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Prato Offices

The Prato office is located in Via Toscana, 10 – 59100 Prato
For information write to the following e-mail: prato@aidaglobal.it