As all over the world knows, Central Italy has been hit by a tremendous earthquake; houses, churches, hospitals, schools have been flat down, distroyed, damaged; thousands of people are homeless, so far 268 died (still increasing), several kids and old people, hundreds injuried.
Mountain villages, like:  Amatrice, Arquata, Accumoli, Pescara del Tronto
usually counting a few hundreds of old people in winter, were hosting thousands of tourists going there for fresh breathing in the hot summer or good genuine food, especially the world wide famous “Pasta Amatriciana”. The future of those places is uncertain and could become gost towns, as most of the survivors have no more house or work.
For this reason, AIDA has launched a subscription with all friends, agents, clients to collect funds to help the people suffering from earthquake. The target is to collect enough money to guarantee an immediate support to those who have lost everything
 FREIGHT for AMATRICE  is our initiative;
we have uploaded it on our Facebook page at: AIDA group or @aidafreight
Donors who want to contribute can send money transfer to AIDA “Freight for Amatrice” please contact us for bank details

Once the collection of the money will be over, we will issue a list of donors and donations and deliver it with the money to the Administrations of the Villages hit by the earthquake, against a receipt.
Also, list of donors will be shown on our Facebook page with our thanks.
For each donation AIDA will send a regular Pro-Forma Invoice valid as receipt
A sincere gratitude to all who will contribute; see you in Italy to have Pasta Amatriciana together
Tommaso Rizzitelli
President of the AIDA Group
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