BRIEF HISTORY: where we come from…

After the second world war, in the fifties and sixties Italy was enjoying the so calledeconomical miracle” due to the enormous potentiality that the U.S.A. market was giving to all the countries that wanted to start over after the disaster left by the end of the conflict. In 1965 Mr. Umberto Salviati and Mr. Livio Santori established the Rome branch of Salviati & Santori, which was already having good success in Florence as international freight forwarder fully dedicated to the North American Market. In 1967 the company was appointed as IATA Agent.

In the following decades, the company took the advantage of being part of a larger group, and gained a reputation in the market as specialist in the international forwarding industry for the tipical italian commodities like high fashion, leather products, machinery and mediterranean foodstuff & beverages. The eighties brought new generation of managers, new ideas and new working processes due to the computers; the new people were also involved in the ownership and beginning of the nineties the company left the original roots and changed its name into AIDA.

Consequently, the location in the central part of Italy was no longer sufficient and in order to better compete with a globalized market, new branch offices in Milan (Italy) and the Port of Gioia Tauro (deep south of the peninsula) were opened.

Nowadays the company has new set up, new energies, new people and is able to cover the whole italian territory from north through south, and it is one of the very few talian multilocated freight forwarding organizations still independently owned, servicing import and export, sea and air consolidations to and from North America, Middle and Far East, Australia. Additionally most of the northern european countries are weekly connected by road services.

THE FUTURE: where we are going to

In the new century, Aida is body of historical tradition, with young heart and limbs, which is running toward the future, transporting a great baggage of experience.